About Our Team

Who We Are
Our church, Calvary Chapel Bullhead City, has been sending teams to Bulgaria since 1998. The nation lies on the west coast of the Black Sea in Eastern Europe and was under Communist control during the Cold War years. We do not consider ourselves a missionary team, but a servant team. Our primary goal is to serve the Body of Christ that is being established in that country since the fall of communism in the early 90's. We are focused on developing a strong relationship with the Christian Church in Bulgaria and being a force of encouragement and support as they reach their nation for the Lord.

What We Do
Each summer we travel to Bulgaria for two weeks with a team of 10-15 people, many of whom are teenagers from our congregation. We have served in a number of ways over the years, but for some time now, our primary focus has been a week-long children's camp held at the Black Sea every year by a church in Sofia. Our team assists with teaching, crafts, and games during the week, but more importantly, we develop relationships with the children from across Bulgaria as well as the adults who are leading them.

In addition to our time at the camp, we also visit several churches with whom we have ongoing relationship. We have taken our teams into orphanages, helped with church construction, and visited gypsy villages. We continually look for new ways to serve our Bulgarian brothers and sisters in Christ and each year is a little different.

Two years ago, we extended our reach across the western border into Macedonia. A church has been planted in the capital city of Skopje out of one of the Bulgarian churches we work with. We are still seeking direction on how we can serve the body of Christ most effectively there.

Our Team
Every year, the team looks a little different. We have people on the team with a clear calling to minister in Bulgaria who return year after year with us. We're also privileged to take many of our young people who are still learning about their gifts and callings. The trip provides a great opportunity to extend their spiritual borders and learn to depend on Christ and use their gifts. Then, there are brothers and sisters who join us for a season, maybe a year or more, and we are blessed by their contributions.

This year's team has several new members *, along with some familiar faces.

Linzi Drew Leeah Gadd * Reyna Hartman
Dock Hoilman Haley Jones * Mike Kern
Ashley Kerrigan Sara Kerrigan * Joey Leslie
Alisha MartinBarbi Robnett